aQuelle Midmar Mile
10 Feb 2019


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PosRace NoNameTimeCategoryCat PosGenderGen Pos
29921Christen Ella AARONSON00:27:4214 to 304Female6
124834Linda Frances ADAM00:33:1451 to 606Female48
6403279Lynne ADDISON01:12:0271 to 805Female284
246863Daniella BAIOCCHI00:37:2814 to 3042Female107
429741Jo-Anne BARNARD00:44:5241 to 5035Female186
225900Kate BARNES00:36:4841 to 5013Female93
226838Boenie BEES00:36:4951 to 6010Female94
153839Robyn BEES00:34:0031 to 4013Female63
11702Kaitlyn ALBERTYN00:24:5714 to 301Female2
22836Megan ALBERTYN00:27:2441 to 501Female4
257837Catherine Ann BASSAGE00:37:4251 to 6014Female114
6208598Victoria BAX01:05:2014 to 3064Female273
366840Laurelle BLANKS00:42:1941 to 5029Female162
255865Frances BROMBACHER00:37:4051 to 6013Female112
97717Philippa BROWN00:31:3831 to 409Female35
260924Taryn BROWN00:37:4714 to 3045Female116
336842Elizabeth BURCZAK00:40:4751 to 6019Female145
343743Nathalie BURROWS00:41:0241 to 5025Female150
112943Ingrid BOTHA00:32:4441 to 507Female44
461841Pauline BOWMAN EDGAR00:47:2561 to 703Female200
251866Jacqueline CAMERON00:37:3514 to 3043Female108
185867Kate CHAMBERS00:35:1631 to 4017Female75
497802Chantal CHEGWIDDEN00:50:5441 to 5041Female213
562825Rosemary CHITE00:55:4941 to 5050Female242
232803Jacqui CHRISTODOULOU00:37:0314 to 3037Female96
223844Cheyne CROXFORD00:36:4731 to 4027Female92
616805Dominique DONNER01:03:2241 to 5054Female270
73944Annemarie DRESSLER00:30:4251 to 601Female23
806Letchen DU PLESISDNS14 to 30Female
353846Rea DU PLESSIS00:41:4531 to 4041Female155
167868Cara DU PLOOY00:34:2914 to 3031Female68
242945Jacqueline DU TOIT00:37:2341 to 5014Female103
3283Sjoukje DU TOITDNS71 to 80Female
443869Shivaun EARLE00:45:4451 to 6024Female190
398720Zastra CONWAY-NUNN00:43:1451 to 6023Female176
361845Lindsay DE KOCK00:42:0451 to 6021Female159
34773Tracy DENNIS00:28:2131 to 403Female11
433904Mandy Joan ELEY00:44:5941 to 5036Female187
376807Sarie ERLANK00:42:4614 to 3052Female165
72826Carmen FAIR00:30:3914 to 3011Female22
49746Nicola FARRELL00:29:3714 to 309Female16
149775Fallon FINLAYSON00:33:5631 to 4012Female61
88808Ashleigh FITZGERALD00:31:1714 to 3014Female33
191847Carol FOURIE00:35:3451 to 608Female80
151777Nadine FREEMAN00:33:5851 to 607Female62
5613284Audrey FULLER00:55:4471 to 803Female241
281724Anneke GERBER00:38:2931 to 4033Female125
145827Nina GERSOHN00:33:4314 to 3027Female58
198725Bronwyn GLASSPOOLE00:35:4731 to 4021Female82
105778Megan GREWCOCK00:32:0414 to 3019Female41
Page 1 of 15 (735 items)