aQuelle Midmar Mile
10 Feb 2019


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PosRace NoNameTimeCategoryCat PosGenderGen Pos
3917370Derryn MILLWARD00:43:0513 & Under3Female174
5045120Alme VAN SCHALKWYK00:51:3113 & Under6Female218
1541214Reese BURROWS00:34:0113 & Under1Female64
5214985Liam SWART00:52:3413 & Under1Male294
4487090Caitlin DYER00:46:0713 & Under4Female194
6157506Rachael RODD01:03:1713 & Under7Female269
64110156Mieke HATTINGH01:12:1113 & Under8Female285
62110139Liam HACKLAND01:05:2113 & Under3Male348
50110233Libby CHAPMAN00:51:2313 & Under5Female216
38410234Robyn CHAPMAN00:42:5713 & Under2Female169
10339Craig WILSONDNS13 & UnderMale
54510338Andrew AROUCA00:54:3613 & Under2Male308
10583Hannah CLOTHIERDNS13 & UnderFemale
30710561Irvin DIXON00:39:3314 to 3039Male178
31010515Seth Ryan00:39:3914 to 3041Male180
18810584Jodi DICKERSON00:35:2314 to 3034Female78
34610399Chantel BESTER00:41:1114 to 3050Female152
29310400Timothy Lee00:39:0414 to 3036Male166
9910456Sarah Dixon00:31:4514 to 3017Female37
27410455Rowan Ainsworth00:38:1314 to 3034Male155
63510322Fallon MEYER01:10:2114 to 3067Female280
39710380Cayman GANAS00:43:1214 to 3048Male222
63810287Hilda GAMMAGE01:11:3314 to 3068Female282
65110291Janine BRIDLE01:17:5214 to 3070Female293
62410282Elaine KOTZE01:05:4314 to 3066Female276
66710275Amy BROWN01:23:0614 to 3072Female306
62310276Tyne POTGIETER01:05:2914 to 3065Female275
58710274Lauren CANHAM00:59:3014 to 3062Female255
65010273Sara MCLOUGHLIN01:17:4014 to 3069Female292
60410271Ashley WILMANS01:01:2914 to 3063Female261
53710442Albert MANS00:53:3914 to 3057Male302
31110554Michael SMITH00:39:4514 to 3042Male181
13310556Shannon PARKER-DENNISON00:33:3014 to 3025Female52
43710601Sfisomvikelwa MKHIZE00:45:1414 to 3055Male250
10600Snenhlanhla MZEKADNS14 to 30Male
41810604Lungelo DUBE00:44:1914 to 3050Male235
51810606Gugu NZOKO00:52:3214 to 3059Female226
62510428Leonardo KOTZE01:05:4414 to 3060Male349
43510216Ronan DIEDERICK00:45:0514 to 3054Male248
41910225Kem SLADE00:44:2214 to 3051Male236
29381Bailey HAIRSINE00:22:3414 to 302Male2
318754Ashleigh GREEN00:27:4414 to 305Female8
328600Kevin PACE00:40:2114 to 3045Male188
120759Jade-Lee REDMAN00:33:0714 to 3021Female46
303482Greg CACKETT00:39:2414 to 3037Male174
165469Darren BERRIMAN00:34:2714 to 3024Male99
327512Charles FERROW00:40:2114 to 3044Male187
520Bailey HAIRSINEDNS14 to 30Male
110795Ashley HOGG00:20:3014 to 301Male1
202530Kelly HOWE00:35:5814 to 3035Female83
Page 1 of 15 (735 items)