aQuelle Midmar Mile
11 Feb 2018


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PosRace NoNameTimeCategoryCat PosGenderGen Pos
11257Bailey HAIRSINE00:21:0414 to 301Male1
2789Henre LOUW00:21:0614 to 302Male2
31261Ashley HOGG00:21:4114 to 303Male3
410473Alexander MEYER00:22:2714 to 304Male4
510475Ashley TWICHELL00:22:2914 to 301Female1
6761Reino VON WIELLIGH00:22:2914 to 305Male5
7794Adam MUHAMMAD00:22:3014 to 306Male6
8773Terry HELLER00:22:3141 to 501Male7
9877Terence PARKIN00:22:34Deaf1Male8
1010474Lexie KELLY00:22:3631 to 401Female2
11830Branden WILLOWS00:22:3714 to 307Male9
12827Samantha VAN VEYEREN00:22:5714 to 302Female3
13751Gary ALBERTYN00:22:5941 to 502Male10
14889Kaitlyn ALBERTYN00:23:2414 to 303Female4
1510054Aaron PUTZ00:23:34Intellectually1Male11
16821Keli REYNOLDS00:23:3814 to 304Female5
171282Matthew PELSER00:24:0914 to 308Male12
18833Taine BUYS00:24:4414 to 309Male13
19779Jason COOKE00:24:4731 to 401Male14
20753Charles BEAURAIN00:24:5031 to 402Male15
211255Ryan GRENDON00:25:3031 to 403Male16
221293Stephen WARD00:25:3241 to 503Male17
23811Ali HOERNLE00:25:3314 to 305Female6
24759Kelvin STEYN00:25:3614 to 3010Male18
2510334Paige HORN00:25:4414 to 306Female7
26911Kyle Morne VAN VUUREN00:25:5014 to 3011Male19
27865Dominique DONNER-RODD00:25:5541 to 501Female8
28766Ray BUTCHER00:25:5541 to 504Male20
29786Daryn KLUTE00:26:0231 to 404Male21
30755Georgia-Mai NG-YU-TIN00:26:0414 to 307Female9
31454Pierre DELLIEU00:26:18Deaf2Male22
32762Samantha WHELPTON00:26:3231 to 402Female10
33756Kieron PALFRAMAN00:26:3341 to 505Male23
341272Waldo LOURENS00:26:3514 to 3012Male24
35788Samantha KRUGER00:26:3931 to 403Female11
36510Matthew ELLIOT00:26:4014 to 3013Male25
37765Emil BERNING00:26:4251 to 601Male26
38822Donald ROBERTSON00:26:4514 to 3014Male27
39757Gareth SAMUEL00:26:4831 to 405Male28
4010481Shaun DICKSON00:26:5041 to 506Male29
41785Karen KENNEDY00:26:5151 to 601Female12
421279Kegan MURPHY00:26:5131 to 406Male30
43978Marcelle STIEMENS00:26:5241 to 502Female13
4410057Sarah DIXON00:26:5214 to 308Female14
45863David CLARK00:26:5541 to 507Male31
46902Nicole HARRIS00:26:5614 to 309Female15
47411Raymond DE FRIETAS00:26:58Intellectually2Male32
481278Paul MULLER00:27:0031 to 407Male33
49836Philip DE WAAL00:27:0414 to 3015Male34
50525Nadia GROENEWALD00:27:0631 to 404Female16
Page 1 of 12 (575 items)