Dis-Chem Sun City Swim
22 Oct 2016


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PosRace NoNameTimeCategoryCat PosGenderGen PosClub
159267Clare DAVIE00:54:4051 to 601Female56
3929Craig GROENEWALD00:41:5231 to 401Male35St Andrew's Dragons
9130Robyn KINGHORN00:37:2514 to 301Female1ACTION SWIM ACADEMY
15556Maureen MONS00:54:0461 to 701Female55
11801Chad HO00:33:4214 to 301Male1
861575Nadia BACCHINI00:47:4031 to 401Female20
89328Gabriela SCROOBY00:47:5513 & Under1Female21PERFECT STROKE SWIMMING
294Gary ALBERTYN00:40:1041 to 501Male26
565MEGAN ALBERTYN00:44:0141 to 501Female8
22112ZANDER LANDMAN00:39:2413 & Under1Male20TUKS SWIMMING CLUB
9396ROGER YOUNG00:48:0251 to 601Male71
16084SELWYN SUNDELOWITZ00:54:4361 to 701Male104
1411639Lianka Grobler00:52:1213 & Under2Female46
189433INGRID TERBLANCHE00:57:3651 to 602Female71
177301MICHAEL KLOSTERMANN00:56:3561 to 702Male112
486Greig BANNATYNE00:42:5731 to 402Male43
4386Chad TUCKER00:42:3113 & Under2Male38Boksburg
1783VAN DER MERWE SULE00:38:4314 to 302Female2EAGAR AQUATICS
130135TANITH DU TOIT00:51:1731 to 402Female42
13523SANDRA DORLAS00:51:3941 to 502Female44
210Ruan BREYTENBACH00:34:5414 to 302Male2Tuks
12467Johann PRETORIUS00:50:5251 to 602Male84
57127Manie WESSELS00:44:0341 to 502Male49Haupt Swimming
16470Marissa ROLLNICK00:55:1361 to 702Female60
20311Carole BRIDGES00:59:2651 to 603Female81
182404Molo MABOTE00:56:5713 & Under3Female67TUKSSWIMMING CLUB
23051Corrin MAGOWAN01:03:1261 to 703Male141
128317Goor OLIVIER00:51:1151 to 603Male87
261671Emma WALLIS00:39:2814 to 303Female3
355CHAD MICHAU00:34:5414 to 303Male3ACTION
781594TERENCE PARKIN00:46:1131 to 403Male62
10835Robbie HATTINGH00:48:4413 & Under3Male78
14676Susan SLOAN00:52:4231 to 403Female50
22720LINDA CRAWFORD01:02:3861 to 703Female89
6527ADRIAN GOATE00:45:1941 to 503Male53Aqua Athlete
15285TERRY SWAIT00:53:4141 to 503Female53
21626Nadine FREEMAN01:01:2451 to 604Female87
14764Cita PENN00:52:4731 to 404Female51
23824Martin FLEKSER01:04:1461 to 704Male147
83138Michael GROBLER00:47:2331 to 404Male64
212275GALLIA FENSTER01:00:4913 & Under4Female85GREG PRICE
76277COILLARD FORD00:45:4441 to 504Male61CSC
14088Deon VAN DRUTEN00:52:0851 to 604Male95
469Abdul Malick RAILOUN00:36:5614 to 304Male4Southern Dolphins
351462KELLY FAIRON00:41:1814 to 304Female4WATERBORN
13812VIAAN BRUINETTE00:52:0613 & Under4Male94Boksburg Aquatic Saints
153413Tracy NYAMUDA00:53:5441 to 504Female54
224387Marian HOLLANDER01:02:1651 to 605Female88
14941Hendrik S JANSE VAN RENSBURG00:53:3151 to 605Male97
18057Lucia MOREIRA00:56:5131 to 405Female66
Page 1 of 8 (370 items)