Pick n Pay Bosveld Mile
20 Mar 2016


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PosRace NoNameTimeCategoryCat PosGenderGen Pos
1513Abdul Malick RAILOUN01:01:37All Ages1Male1
2500Brandon THYSSE01:07:14All Ages2Male2
33002Gary Albertyn 01:07:40All Ages3Male3
4915Refiloe Makata Mashao01:11:27All Ages4Male4
53106Tyron Venter01:13:16All Ages5Male5
64019Anel De Vos01:14:09All Ages1Female1
74002Megan Albertyn 01:14:47All Ages2Female2
83067Justin Nicklin 01:15:14All Ages6Male6
94044Neressa Houtman01:21:56All Ages3Female3
104101Kirsty Lauren HYSLOP01:23:03All Ages4Female4
11508Victoria GRIFFITHS01:26:47All Ages5Female5
12506Caitlin DAVIES01:31:53All Ages6Female6
13204Mandy Macaskill01:39:22All Ages7Female7
143033Justin Fletcher01:45:05All Ages7Male7
15504Ninette LAMHAEN01:51:46All Ages8Female8
163008Marius Bouwer01:54:27All Ages8Male8
17502Marissa BRITS02:00:56All Ages9Female9
205Marga Wessels-JoosteNot startedAll AgesFemale
Page 1 of 1 (18 items)