aQuelle Midmar Mile
10 Feb 2019


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PosRace NoNameTimeCategoryCat PosGenderGen Pos
110795Ashley HOGG00:20:3014 to 301Male1
29381Bailey HAIRSINE00:22:3414 to 302Male2
3714Reino VON WIELLIGH00:23:0714 to 303Male3
4716Muhammad ADAM00:23:3614 to 304Male4
5769Branden WILLOWS00:23:4214 to 305Male5
6928Terry HELLER00:23:4441 to 501Male6
710111Lexi KELLY00:23:4731 to 401Female1
8835Connor ALBERTYN00:24:1714 to 306Male7
910432Terence PARKIN00:24:29Deaf1Male8
10701Gary ALBERTYN00:24:5441 to 502Male9
11702Kaitlyn ALBERTYN00:24:5714 to 301Female2
12853Aidan PAVELEY00:25:0114 to 307Male10
1310117Quinn FITGERALD00:25:2531 to 401Male11
14609Aaron PUTZ00:25:53Intellectually1Male12
15712Kelvin STEYN00:26:0714 to 308Male13
16941Charles BEAURAIN00:26:4831 to 402Male14
17721Jason Mark COOKE00:26:5631 to 403Male15
18756Matt PELSER00:27:1514 to 309Male16
191235Ryan GRENDON00:27:1931 to 404Male17
20760Keli REYNOLDS00:27:2014 to 302Female3
211228Thomas FULLER00:27:2031 to 405Male18
22836Megan ALBERTYN00:27:2441 to 501Female4
23801Andrew CAREY00:27:2531 to 406Male19
24412Raymond DE FRIETAS00:27:26Intellectually2Male20
25755Ludick NEL00:27:2614 to 3010Male21
26750Daryn KLUTE00:27:3141 to 503Male22
27660Challis WRIGHT00:27:32Intellectually3Male23
28816Megan LOMBARD00:27:3614 to 303Female5
29921Christen Ella AARONSON00:27:4214 to 304Female6
3010364Alani FERREIRA00:27:44Visually1Female7
318754Ashleigh GREEN00:27:4414 to 305Female8
32815Gina LAURIE00:27:5014 to 306Female9
33715Samantha WHELPTON00:27:5331 to 402Female10
34773Tracy DENNIS00:28:2131 to 403Female11
35858Kyle VAN VUUREN00:28:2414 to 3011Male24
361248Ziyaad KHARVA00:28:32Parent / Accompany Swimmer1Male25
37565Kris MATULOVICH00:28:4314 to 3012Male26
381215Clinton CHANT00:28:4731 to 407Male27
39502Tiaan DU PLESSIS00:28:59Physically1Male28
40857Owen SHEFTZ00:29:1541 to 504Male29
41585Louis NEETHLING00:29:17Deaf2Male30
42876Brigitte MELLY00:29:2231 to 404Female12
43864Warren BOTTEN00:29:2441 to 505Male31
4410429Shaun DICKSON00:29:2541 to 506Male32
45737Sally RALFE00:29:2941 to 502Female13
46908Megan HATTON00:29:3114 to 307Female14
47718Joshua CAMPBELL00:29:3314 to 3013Male33
48768Janice WELMAN00:29:3714 to 308Female15
49746Nicola FARRELL00:29:3714 to 309Female16
501255Paul MULLER00:29:3931 to 408Male34
Page 1 of 15 (735 items)