Race to the Sun
25 May 2019


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PosRace NoNameTimeCategoryCat PosGenderGen PosTeam PosWave
131294Travis KRUGER05:56:21Team of 4 Men1Male11Teams
242389Jack MACDIARMID05:56:21Team of 4 Men2Male21Teams
342973Bradley WENTZEL05:56:22Team of 4 Men3Male31Teams
431925Alex HAW05:56:22Team of 4 Men4Male41Teams
531786Stephan BEYERS06:25:13Team of 4 Mixed1Male51Teams
631744Eleanore BEYERS06:25:13Team of 4 Mixed2Female11Teams
742478Victor DASILVA06:25:14Team of 4 Mixed3Male61Teams
842297Pieter CONRADIE06:34:45Team of 4 Men5Male74Teams
942986Marius VILJOEN06:49:37Team of 4 Men6Male87Teams
1063539Riaan VAN HAMERSVELD06:49:43Team of 4 Men7Male92Teams
1142224Michael OLIVER06:49:44Team of 4 Men8Male102Teams
1273184Emile THOMAS06:49:44Team of 4 Men9Male112Teams
1342037Jacobus STRYDOM06:49:46Team of 4 Men10Male122Teams
1431748Pedro CASAIS07:03:32Team of 4 Men11Male133Teams
1542451Greg IMBRIOLO07:12:24Team of 4 Men12Male143Teams
1642950Sean DA SILVA07:12:24Team of 4 Men13Male153Teams
1731531Roger SMIT07:17:49Team of 4 Men14Male163Teams
1831181Lukas SCHOLTZ07:19:14Team of 4 Men15Male17807:40 Start
1942632Louis GREEN07:26:18Team of 4 Men16Male184Teams
2042801Christiaan LE ROUX07:26:19Team of 4 Men17Male194Teams
2142487Jan-Louis VENTER07:41:41Team of 4 Men18Male205Teams
2242486James GOUWS07:41:41Team of 4 Men19Male215Teams
2342485Willem Hendrik NOORDMAN07:41:41Team of 4 Men20Male225Teams
2442483Ralph CRAILL07:41:43Team of 4 Men21Male235Teams
2543003Jacques VAN LOGGERENBERG07:43:03Team of 4 Men22Male24Teams
2642220Janos KASZAS07:56:12Team of 4 Mixed4Male253Teams
2742221Freddie PIENAAR07:56:13Team of 4 Mixed5Male263Teams
2890130Wikus OLIVIER08:22:4430-391Male272Teams
2942432Sj KRUGER08:23:04Team of 4 Men23Male28Teams
3031898Gampe KRATHMER08:24:07Senior1Male292Teams
3142619Jacqueline WATTS08:24:0730-391Female22Teams
3292750Wayne ABRAHAMS08:52:55Team of 4 Men24Male306Teams
3394562Robert DOWNS08:52:56Team of 4 Men25Male316Teams
3442686Sheldon GEYER08:52:57Team of 4 Men26Male326Teams
3542246Glen VAN PLETZEN09:02:49Team of 4 Men27Male337Teams
3642615Ruan VAN RENSBURG09:03:20Team of 4 Men28Male347Teams
3742222Sonja DE KLERK09:14:17Team of 4 Mixed6Female33Teams
3842881Bruwer SMIT09:41:40Team of 4 Mixed7Male354Teams
3942039Niel DU PLESSIS09:41:41Team of 4 Mixed8Male364Teams
4042041Candice MARTIN09:41:46Team of 4 Mixed9Female44Teams
4142040Morne TERBLANCHE09:41:46Team of 4 Mixed10Male374Teams
4231182Lukas SCHOLTZ09:45:23Team of 4 Men29Male38807:40 Start
4360338Willie LOFTUS09:45:46Team of 4 Men30Male39807:40 Start
4475674Neill HALES09:55:43Team of 4 Men31Male40807:40 Start
4542590Stefan KRITZINGER10:08:19Team of 4 Men32Male417Teams
31848Johan BEKKERStarted30-39Male2Teams
63051Terence BRIGHTONStartedTeam of 4 MenMale07:20 Start
31254Nigel WOODNot startedTeam of 4 MenMaleTeams
73423Orlando BERNARDESNot startedTeam of 4 MenMaleTeams
Derek CORBETTDNSTeam of 4 MenMaleTeams
Page 1 of 2 (66 items)