Lake Heritage Water Festival
20 Jan 2019


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PosRace NoNameTimeCategoryCat PosGenderGen Pos
186Henre LOUW00:15:5914 to 301Male1
2175Reino VON WIELLIGH00:16:0414 to 302Male2
33Gary ALBERTYN00:16:1341 to 501Male3
4904Michael PHILLIPS00:16:4131 to 401Male4
5217Terence PARKIN00:17:0231 to 402Male5
61233Stephen WARD00:18:4641 to 502Male6
71388Nicholas PRETORIUS00:18:5531 to 403Male7
8347Trevor BARSDORF00:18:5531 to 404Male8
91401Byron SMIT00:18:5613 & Under1Male9
101379Robin SAGGERS00:18:5731 to 405Male10
1139Ernest DAVIS00:19:1051 to 601Male11
121422Andre VAN DER MERWE00:19:1341 to 503Male12
13692Clayton KASSEBAUM00:19:1413 & Under2Male13
141195Anton ARWIDI00:19:1413 & Under3Male14
15737Stephen LEATHERBARROW00:19:1841 to 504Male15
161353Tom COLLINS00:19:2151 to 602Male16
171450John GLOVER00:19:2151 to 603Male17
18316Caleb ARENDSE00:19:3213 & Under4Male18
191057Declan SWANEPOEL00:19:3413 & Under5Male19
2013Russell BEHRENS00:19:5561 to 701Male20
211330Martin GASSON00:20:1041 to 505Male21
22562Matthew FUBBS00:20:2641 to 506Male22
23711Greg KRAUSE00:20:5531 to 406Male23
241352Marius VAN REENEN00:20:5931 to 407Male24
25768Andy MAC00:21:1541 to 507Male25
261375Kevin HEAPY00:21:2131 to 408Male26
271151Jay-Jay WATERSON00:21:2213 & Under6Male27
28834Bongumusa (Musa) MOFOKENG00:21:2713 & Under7Male28
29922Johann PRETORIUS00:21:2951 to 604Male29
301062Lambert SWARTZ00:21:3431 to 409Male30
31354Pierre BASSANI00:21:3441 to 508Male31
32122Jason RAATH00:21:3741 to 509Male32
33660Hendrik Schalk JANSE VAN RENSBURG00:21:4851 to 605Male33
341083Brain URBAN00:21:4851 to 606Male34
35626Andre HAVENGA00:22:0051 to 607Male35
361146Reinard WAGNER00:22:0113 & Under8Male36
371045Damien STOLTZ00:22:0614 to 303Male37
3857Garth GRAY00:22:0851 to 608Male38
39678Don JORDAAN00:22:1451 to 609Male39
40520Joshua ERASMUS00:22:2714 to 304Male40
411137Eric VILLET00:22:4651 to 6010Male41
42530Luke FELLNER00:22:5113 & Under9Male42
43875Alexandre NUNES CHURIN00:22:5413 & Under10Male43
44315David Eric ARBUTHNOT00:22:5561 to 702Male44
45557William Thomas FOXCROFT00:22:5931 to 4010Male45
461407Andrew GRAY00:23:0651 to 6011Male46
47101Richard MURDOCK00:23:0731 to 4011Male47
481351Pieter DU TOIT00:23:0931 to 4012Male48
49971Damien ROBBETZE00:23:1014 to 305Male49
50749Connor LIPP00:23:1413 & Under11Male50
Page 1 of 9 (446 items)