Cradle Moon Swim Challenge
25 Nov 2018


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PosRace NoNameTimeCategoryCat PosGenderGen Pos
147Reino VON WIELLIGH00:11:5414 to 301Male1
2993Matthew SATES00:12:0414 to 302Male2
37Connor BUCK00:12:0814 to 303Male3
327Nicholas MALAN00:12:0814 to 303Male3
5252Abdul Malick RAILOUN00:12:1414 to 305Male5
6866Jessica WHELAN00:12:3014 to 301Female1
72Connor ALBERTYN00:12:4214 to 306Male6
81Muhammad ADAM00:12:4314 to 307Male7
91432Muhammed N ADAM00:12:5014 to 308Male8
104Kaitlyn ALBERTYN00:12:5114 to 302Female2
111423Taahir ESSOF00:12:5514 to 309Male9
12774Rogan SHEPHERD00:13:2214 to 3010Male10
13223Matt PELSER00:13:3914 to 3011Male11
1424Rafael KUMING00:13:4114 to 3012Male12
1539Kelvin STEYN00:13:4614 to 3013Male13
16773Megan SHEPHERD00:13:4614 to 303Female3
1748Jason WALKER00:13:4814 to 3014Male14
18364Aydan AYDAN DE BEER00:13:4914 to 3015Male15
19371Daniel BAKER00:13:5814 to 3016Male16
20991Kelly ZWART00:14:1414 to 304Female4
21220Jessica DUNSTAN00:14:3314 to 305Female5
2219Nicole HEPPLEWHITE00:14:3714 to 306Female6
23700Heine NOTHNAGEL00:14:4414 to 3017Male17
24453Nicole DE BEER00:14:4714 to 307Female7
2530Ludick NEL00:14:4814 to 3018Male18
26235Jodie BERRY00:14:4914 to 308Female8
27540Leah HAUMANN00:15:1614 to 309Female9
28616Kieryn LETLEY00:15:2114 to 3010Female10
29729Keagan PULFORD00:15:2914 to 3019Male19
30179Jenna SEYMOUR-SMITH00:15:4214 to 3011Female11
31487Ashleigh FITZGERALD00:15:4214 to 3012Female12
32787Monet STEENKAMP00:15:4814 to 3013Female13
33309Daniella DAL MEDICO00:15:4914 to 3014Female14
34858Kyra WALKER00:15:4914 to 3015Female15
34886Yuwai ZHU00:15:4914 to 3015Female15
368Kerrin BURGESS00:15:5214 to 3017Female17
3720Kirsty Lauren HYSLOP00:15:5214 to 3018Female18
38524Divan Andr+¬ GROVE00:15:5414 to 3020Male20
39596Nadene KOTZE00:16:0714 to 3019Female19
40465Caitlin DORAN00:16:1414 to 3020Female20
41483Carmen FAIR00:16:1914 to 3021Female21
421417Dante DUKE00:16:2114 to 3022Female22
43581George KARAGIANNIS00:16:3314 to 3021Male21
44576Lourens JONKER00:16:5314 to 3022Male22
45481Hanu ENGELBRECHT00:16:5714 to 3023Male23
46318Anke FREESE00:17:0114 to 3023Female23
47404Quintin BOTES00:17:0914 to 3024Male24
4843Caitlynn SWITALA00:17:1414 to 3024Female24
49432Paige CHING00:17:1814 to 3025Female25
50629Tayla LOMBARD00:17:2014 to 3026Female26
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