Cradle Moon Swim Challenge
25 Nov 2018


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PosRace NoNameTimeCategoryCat PosGenderGen Pos
13Gary ALBERTYN00:13:0741 to 501Male1
2586Kian Craig KEYLOCK00:13:2713 & Under1Male2
3347Michael PHILLIPS00:13:3431 to 401Male3
4645Jason MALAN00:13:3613 & Under2Male4
518Patrick Joseph HEPKE00:13:4313 & Under3Male5
6451Ernest DAVIS00:14:5051 to 601Male6
750Darryn WHELAN00:15:2031 to 402Male7
8351Uthmaan Yazeed SEEDAT00:15:2613 & Under4Male8
9301Caleb ARENDSE00:15:3013 & Under5Male9
101364Bernanac MATIS00:15:3114 to 301Male10
11824Andre VAN DER MERWE00:15:5341 to 502Male11
121332Philip DU PLESSIS00:15:5913 & Under6Male12
13640Andy MAC00:16:0241 to 503Male13
14384Russell BEHRENS00:16:0661 to 701Male14
15221John GLOVER00:16:1151 to 602Male15
16587Logan Robert-Kyle KEYLOCK00:16:1413 & Under7Male16
17503Martin GASSON00:16:1741 to 504Male17
18313Claudio DOMITER00:16:3613 & Under8Male18
1934Johann PRETORIUS00:16:5451 to 603Male19
20492Robert FORD00:17:0213 & Under9Male20
2145Deon VAN DRUTEN00:17:3451 to 604Male21
22636Trevor LUNT00:17:3741 to 505Male22
23676Abhay MORAR00:17:5613 & Under10Male23
24331Don JORDAAN00:18:0851 to 605Male24
25800Declan David SWANEPOEL00:18:1113 & Under11Male25
26918Nicholas WRIGHT00:18:1141 to 506Male26
27532Owen HAMILTON00:18:1341 to 507Male27
28582Konstandinos KARAGIANNIS00:18:1513 & Under12Male28
2911Hofmeyr DE VOS00:18:1541 to 508Male29
30342Richard MURDOCK00:18:1831 to 403Male30
31509Edward Glover GLOVER00:18:2113 & Under13Male31
3231Andrew O'MAHONY00:18:2231 to 404Male32
33359David Eric ARBUTHNOT00:18:2661 to 702Male33
341387Michael PINHEIRO00:18:2931 to 405Male34
3517Andre HAVENGA00:18:3151 to 606Male35
36563Christopher HUMAN00:18:3431 to 406Male36
37758Johann ROSSOUW00:18:3431 to 407Male37
38613Stephen LEATHERBARROW00:18:3641 to 509Male38
391320Gustav ROLLER00:18:4013 & Under14Male39
40814Brain URBAN00:18:4151 to 607Male40
41500Derek FYFE00:18:4371 & Over1Male41
421392Andrew HAIDEN00:18:4331 to 408Male42
431378Daniel BEZUIDENHOUT00:18:4431 to 409Male43
44888Hayden HARTLEY00:18:5441 to 5010Male44
451312Soham LALA00:18:5613 & Under15Male45
46341Russell MUNROE00:19:0041 to 5011Male46
471379Evan REYNOLDS00:19:0141 to 5012Male47
48343Nina NAUDE00:19:0541 to 501Female1
491404Luke FELLNER00:19:0513 & Under16Male48
5041Barry Lester STUHLER00:19:1461 to 703Male49
Page 1 of 6 (278 items)