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Saturday, October 14, 2017
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
Lap 1
Lap 2
156LUDORF LUKA 00:03:20 Under 111Male1South Africa00:01:3400:01:45
260VAN HEERDEN DIRKIE 00:03:23 Under 112Male2South Africa00:01:3700:01:46
366ABDELKADER OMA RHOSSAM 00:03:25 Under 113Male3Egypt00:01:4100:01:44
419PRINSLOO MILA 00:03:26 Under 111Female1South Africa00:01:3800:01:48
518LE ROUX DONNA 00:03:27 Under 112Female2South Africa00:01:3700:01:49
652MARAIS TRISTAN 00:03:29 Under 114Male4South Africa00:01:3900:01:50
76AUCAMP MILA 00:03:32 Under 113Female3South Africa00:01:3900:01:52
868HUNT MATTHEW 00:03:35 Under 115Male5South Africa00:01:4300:01:52
945ARCHIBALD JAYSON 00:03:35 Under 116Male6South Africa00:01:4400:01:50
1039ELGINDY GANA WALID 00:03:37 Under 114Female4Egypt00:01:4500:01:51
1153KOEKEMOER LEENDERT 00:03:38 Under 117Male7South Africa00:01:3200:02:06
1255BRINK DREGAN 00:03:40 Under 118Male8South Africa00:01:4400:01:56
1310VAN HEERDEN KIERA 00:03:41 Under 115Female5South Africa00:01:4100:01:59
1446MACHTELINCKX MATTIJS 00:03:42 Under 119Male9South Africa00:01:4100:02:00
1574FORREST SEBASTIAN 00:03:43 Under 1110Male10Great Britain00:01:4600:01:57
1649LE ROUX LUDGEN 00:03:45 Under 1111Male11South Africa00:01:4700:01:57
1761ZIJLSTRA BEAURAIN 00:03:46 Under 1112Male12South Africa00:01:4900:01:57
1871WINDT ZIAN 00:03:47 Under 1113Male13South Africa00:01:4700:02:00
1958MOHAMED SEIF 00:03:48 Under 1114Male14Egypt00:01:4300:02:04
2025JACOBS MARONY 00:03:49 Under 116Female6South Africa00:01:4500:02:03
2123NEL EULA 00:03:51 Under 117Female7South Africa00:01:4400:02:06
2211VAN DER MERWE SIMONE 00:03:52 Under 118Female8South Africa00:01:4900:02:02
2340CLOUSTON ERIN 00:03:53 Under 119Female9South Africa00:01:5000:02:02
2428FARLAM REYA 00:03:54 Under 1110Female10Great Britain00:01:4800:02:05
2535EGBERS RILEY 00:03:55 Under 1111Female11South Africa00:01:5400:02:01
2669WESTERDALE NATHAN 00:03:55 Under 1115Male15South Africa00:01:4800:02:06
2722DE ANDRADE MICKE 00:03:57 Under 1112Female12South Africa00:01:5100:02:06
2824PENLINGTON CONNIE 00:03:58 Under 1113Female13Great Britain00:01:5300:02:04
2932WICKS MILLIE 00:04:05 Under 1114Female14Great Britain00:01:5300:02:12
303GALLANT CHANTE 00:04:08 Under 1115Female15South Africa00:01:5800:02:10
3170SMIT SEBASTIAN 00:04:09 Under 1116Male16South Africa00:01:5200:02:17
3238VERMAAK MIA 00:04:11 Under 1116Female16South Africa00:02:0100:02:10
3321GROENEWALD CARLI 00:04:11 Under 1117Female17South Africa00:01:5500:02:16
3427BAXTER KAITLYN 00:04:16 Under 1118Female18South Africa00:02:0300:02:12
3562FOURIE DIEDELOF 00:04:20 Under 1117Male17South Africa00:01:5800:02:21
3659POSTHUMUS CHARL 00:04:20 Under 1118Male18South Africa00:02:0000:02:20
3772KEMP STEPHANUS 00:04:24 Under 1119Male19South Africa00:02:0600:02:17
3829OLLIVER EMILY 00:04:24 Under 1119Female19Great Britain00:02:0700:02:17
3917HEZLETT KEIRA 00:04:32 Under 1120Female20South Africa00:01:5600:02:35
4036DE WAAL ARAYA 00:04:39 Under 1121Female21South Africa00:02:0100:02:38
4141CARDOZO SOFIA 00:04:40 Under 1122Female22United States00:02:0000:02:39
4244AXELLE JOSEPHA NEGAWELI BAYALA 00:04:41 Under 1123Female23 00:02:0600:02:34
4314GHABRIAL SARAH 00:04:53 Under 1124Female24South Africa00:02:0700:02:46
4464WINDKUNI GARAN JOACHIM DIALLO 00:04:55 Under 1120Male20 00:02:0500:02:49
4537MOOI ANJA-MARIE 00:04:59 Under 1125Female25South Africa00:02:1500:02:44
4691SCHLIEMANN JOSEPHINE 00:05:39 Under 1126Female26South Africa00:02:3400:03:04
9997ECCLES JOSHUA DNS Under 11MaleSouth Africa
9999JENKINSON JESSICA DNS Under 11FemaleSouth Africa
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