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28 Apr 2018
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Race No
Team Type
Team Result
Wave *
1511Kai Pritzen02:53:06MaleMenKaran Beef Heneways 102:53:06Wave A
1812Courtney Kerr02:53:06MaleMenKaran Beef Heneways 102:53:06Wave A
41Stephan LotteringNot startedMaleMenA lotta Banana Wave A
10692Pieter Avenant02:53:03MaleSubToken Gestreepte Waaierstert02:53:04Wave A
26181David Humphris02:55:52MaleMenNinja Goats 2.003:10:52Wave A
3182Warren Mckay02:52:47MaleMenNinja Goats 2.003:10:52Wave A
6261Steve Cooke02:53:00MaleSubTeam Inspire02:53:01Wave A
8262Mike Hewan02:53:01MaleSubTeam Inspire02:53:01Wave A
125321Graham Tyrrell03:41:03MaleMixMixed Inspire03:41:04Wave A
126322Tracy Watcham03:41:04FemaleMixMixed Inspire03:41:04Wave A
119361Andries Van Staden03:40:12MaleVetNorthcliff hills03:40:13Wave A
120362Izak Smit03:40:13MaleVetNorthcliff hills03:40:13Wave A
163381Lelani Swart04:02:04FemaleMixWe Buy Waste 04:02:04Wave A
162382Willie Burger04:02:04MaleMixWe Buy Waste 04:02:04Wave A
75401Grant Martin03:21:03MaleVetKaran Beef 603:21:05Wave A
76402Jaco Visser03:21:05MaleVetKaran Beef 603:21:05Wave A
86451Jason Shackleton03:25:36MaleVetAlbion-KaranBeef03:25:36Wave A
85452Morne Groenewald03:25:36MaleVetAlbion-KaranBeef03:25:36Wave A
101491Pierre Van Hell03:32:13Male GMJohnnie Koen Cycles Grand Masters03:32:13Wave A
99492Johnnie Koen03:32:12Male GMJohnnie Koen Cycles Grand Masters03:32:13Wave A
21511Juan-Pierre Jung02:53:21MaleMenBells cycling LGE /lvt02:53:21Wave A
20512Heine Engelbrecht02:53:20MaleMenBells cycling LGE /lvt02:53:21Wave A
94521Elmari De Wet03:31:22FemaleWomClover Ladies03:31:22Wave A
93522Sanet Coetzee03:31:22FemaleWomClover Ladies03:31:22Wave A
48531Francois Ebersohn03:06:26MaleVetTeam Clover Old boys03:06:26Wave A
40532Philip Fourie03:06:06MaleVetTeam Clover Old boys03:06:26Wave A
115621Andre Calteaux03:38:35Male MasTeam PRO T Cycles03:38:35Wave A
116622Leon Viljoen03:38:35Male MasTeam PRO T Cycles03:38:35Wave A
97631Vivien Sa Joe03:31:54Female MasT3 Plastics03:31:56Wave A
98632Greg Wittstock03:31:56Male MasT3 Plastics03:31:56Wave A
60641Simon Cleminson03:13:00Male MasLion & Ant03:13:00Wave A
56642Jose Antunes03:12:53Male MasLion & Ant03:13:00Wave A
14651Carl Lotter02:53:05MaleVetThe Young and the brave02:53:43Wave A
23652Samuel De Swardt02:53:43MaleVetThe Young and the brave02:53:43Wave A
171661Nico Swanepoel04:06:56Male GMEye of the Child04:06:56Wave A
170662Walter Thornhill04:06:55Male GMEye of the Child04:06:56Wave A
58731George De Gouveia03:12:54MaleMixTeam Heneways.03:12:54Wave A
57732Parys Edwards03:12:54FemaleMixTeam Heneways.03:12:54Wave A
106761Jenni Walker03:33:16FemaleWomKnee-Moania03:33:16Wave A
105762Meghan Brinkley03:33:16FemaleWomKnee-Moania03:33:16Wave A
39871Dalene Van Der Leek03:06:05FemaleMixBells LGE Midas03:06:13Wave A
47872Igna De Villiers03:06:13MaleMixBells LGE Midas03:06:13Wave A
29941Henk Ernst Du Toit02:59:03MaleSubKaran Beef Heneways 302:59:03Wave A
30942Lionel Pinto02:59:03MaleSubKaran Beef Heneways 302:59:03Wave A
34951Brendun Blockland03:06:01MaleMenKaran Beef Heneways 203:06:01Wave A
35952Casper Moodie03:06:01MaleMenKaran Beef Heneways 203:06:01Wave A
71921William James03:20:47MaleVetKaran beef Heneways 503:20:47Wave A
72922Dean Puntis03:20:47MaleVetKaran beef Heneways 503:20:47Wave A
241021Johann Naude02:53:44MaleVetASG Bestmed Vets02:53:44Wave A
251022David Labuschagne02:53:44MaleVetASG Bestmed Vets02:53:44Wave A
Page 1 of 6 (255 items)

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