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28 Apr 2018
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Team Result
168201Geoff Thompson04:06:38Male GMEdenglen Toppies04:06:39Wave B
169202Adriaan Grobbelaar04:06:39Male GMEdenglen Toppies04:06:39Wave B
101491Pierre Van Hell03:32:13Male GMJohnnie Koen Cycles Grand Masters03:32:13Wave A
99492Johnnie Koen03:32:12Male GMJohnnie Koen Cycles Grand Masters03:32:13Wave A
171661Nico Swanepoel04:06:56Male GMEye of the Child04:06:56Wave A
170662Walter Thornhill04:06:55Male GMEye of the Child04:06:56Wave A
1941151Peter Gowans04:14:09Male GMGoMor04:14:11Wave C
1951152Charles Morris04:14:11Male GMGoMor04:14:11Wave C
801221Johan Spies03:25:04Male GMBallies03:25:04Wave A
791222Paul Furbank03:25:02Male GMBallies03:25:04Wave A
2251231Heinrich Kammeyer05:00:07Male GMLowveld Grand Masters Wave A
1232Johann Van ZylDNFMale GMLowveld Grand Masters Wave A
1111071Craig Moir03:37:05Male MasPunkhead in the Flow03:37:05Wave B
1121072Floh Thiele03:37:05Male MasPunkhead in the Flow03:37:05Wave B
1111Selwyn ShandelDNSMale MasThe Schleppers Wave C
1112Larry MalinDNSMale MasThe Schleppers Wave C
591131Frans Hansen03:12:55Male MasMaties03:12:55Wave B
531132Warwick Ham03:12:49Male MasMaties03:12:55Wave B
123961David Fourie03:40:50Male MasRothwell International Masters03:40:51Wave B
124962Danie Malan03:40:51Male MasRothwell International Masters03:40:51Wave B
181701Grenville Mills04:08:48Male MasLab Boyz04:08:48Wave C
180702Nick Haines04:08:47Male MasLab Boyz04:08:48Wave C
61561Bart Meganck03:13:01Male MasOSK-AR03:13:01Wave C
62562Christian Tuypens03:13:01Male MasOSK-AR03:13:01Wave C
115621Andre Calteaux03:38:35Male MasTeam PRO T Cycles03:38:35Wave A
116622Leon Viljoen03:38:35Male MasTeam PRO T Cycles03:38:35Wave A
97631Vivien Sa Joe03:31:54Female MasT3 Plastics03:31:56Wave A
98632Greg Wittstock03:31:56Male MasT3 Plastics03:31:56Wave A
60641Simon Cleminson03:13:00Male MasLion & Ant03:13:00Wave A
56642Jose Antunes03:12:53Male MasLion & Ant03:13:00Wave A
155251Graham Chamberlain04:00:14Male MasGrumpy and Grumpier04:00:14Wave C
154252Alan Gissing04:00:14Male MasGrumpy and Grumpier04:00:14Wave C
70161Spike De La Ray03:20:34Male MasZenex03:20:34Wave C
69162Johannes Piekaar03:20:29Male MasZenex03:20:34Wave C
173101Helen Jones04:07:37Female TanTandem Downhill Junkies04:07:37Wave C
172102Paul Rutkiewicz04:07:36Male TanTandem Downhill Junkies04:07:37Wave C
196121Johannes Odendaal04:17:56Male TanTaai Toffees04:17:57Wave B
197122Rudy Van Der Walt04:17:57Male TanTaai Toffees04:17:57Wave B
14521Susan Dalby03:49:50Female TanChop & Suey03:49:50Wave C
14622Michael Dalby03:49:50Male TanChop & Suey03:49:50Wave C
113271Louise Jordaan03:37:42Female TanWot Wos I Thinking ?03:37:43Wave C
114272Theo Jordaan03:37:43Male TanWot Wos I Thinking ?03:37:43Wave C
1171081Gerhard Shaw03:39:15Male TanTeam Life Cycle03:39:15Wave B
1181082Dunette Shaw03:39:15Female TanTeam Life Cycle03:39:15Wave B
11121Isaac Miudau02:52:27MaleMenOupa Isaac02:52:34Wave B
21122Oupa Maluleke02:52:34MaleMenOupa Isaac02:52:34Wave B
951241Johannes Joubert03:31:33MaleMenTRI-STAR 103:31:34Wave A
961242Dewald Malan03:31:34MaleMenTRI-STAR 103:31:34Wave A
2131011Cornelis Cornelissen04:47:34MaleMenBOER en BRIT04:47:34Wave C
2121012Nick Johnston04:47:34MaleMenBOER en BRIT04:47:34Wave C
Page 1 of 6 (255 items)

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