Dis-Chem Sun City Swim
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21 Oct 2017
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gender *
Gen Pos
1Christen-Ella AaronsonNot started14 to 30FemaleHAUPT SWIMMING CLUB
26224Lilian GLEN01:06:2431 to 4014Female117 01:06:24
9236Lauren HESKETH00:47:5714 to 3028Female31Electric Eels00:47:57
22542Rachael HUMPHRIES01:00:0114 to 3065Female97WATERBORN SWIMMING CLUB01:00:01
7444Carolina IBARRA00:46:4714 to 3021Female23Electric Eels00:46:47
8554Chantelle KUPERUS00:47:3314 to 3025Female27 00:47:33
24063Lucia MOREIRA01:02:4431 to 409Female104na01:02:44
22340Jade HOMVELD00:59:5751 to 605Female95 00:59:57
3171Zoe PHILLIPS00:41:5814 to 307Female7tuks00:41:58
17773Mercia PRINSLOO00:56:4814 to 3054Female71 00:56:48
21274Marissa ROLLNICK00:59:2261 to 702Female90 00:59:22
4683Cameron VAN DER MERWE00:43:4214 to 3011Female11Aec swimming00:43:42
5594Keren WELGEMOED00:44:2814 to 3015Female16Deep Blue00:44:28
16397Marga WESSELS-JOOSTE00:55:1241 to 507Female62Players00:55:12
318102Deborah APOAS01:22:2641 to 5025Female139SWIM4SADIE01:22:26
224107Janine DALY00:59:5841 to 5014Female96 00:59:58
231109Ronel DU PLESSIS01:01:0614 to 3068Female101 01:01:06
114Zandile NTOMBELANot started31 to 40FemaleNo
277121Mieke VAN NIEKERK01:08:5514 to 3076Female125Royal Fins Aquatics01:08:55
125Leisel BAKERNot started41 to 50Female 
207135Nina NAUDE00:59:0041 to 5011Female88 00:59:00
248137Katherine VAN AS01:04:1531 to 4010Female109WAHOO01:04:15
131275Deborah FRIEND00:50:5414 to 3039Female48 00:50:54
87278Erin GRAHAM00:47:4314 to 3027Female29DRAGONS SWIMMING CLUB00:47:43
114282Mir+¬ GREYLING00:50:1114 to 3032Female37HARTIES REFLECTIONS00:50:11
191289Alison HAYES00:57:5041 to 509Female79 00:57:50
242314Heather PHIPSON01:03:0141 to 5015Female105 01:03:01
101321Courtney SANDILANDS00:49:0514 to 3030Female33Alcatraz Swimming Club00:49:05
84323Gabriela SCROOBY00:47:3014 to 3024Female26PERFECT STROKE SWIMMING CLUB00:47:30
202291Tracey HEMPHILL00:58:5231 to 405Female84Florida Swimming Club00:58:52
119325Kirsty STANDING00:50:1914 to 3035Female42Trifactri00:50:19
197344Kimberly BAILEY00:58:3114 to 3061Female81 00:58:31
276349Elm+¬ BRAND01:08:4714 to 3075Female124 01:08:47
133374Nadia GROENEWALD00:51:3531 to 401Female50None00:51:35
331Ingrid TERBLANCHENot started51 to 60Female 
122380Mikayla HOLLAND00:50:3714 to 3036Female43Florida00:50:37
28401Danica MCWILLIAM00:41:1214 to 306Female6DRAGONS00:41:12
218402Jeanine MICHEL00:59:4431 to 407Female93HARB00:59:44
227414Jessica Kyra POWELL01:00:2314 to 3067Female99DRAGONS SWIMMING CLUB01:00:23
419Lauren PROUDFOOTNot started14 to 30Female 
14422Samantha RANDLE00:38:4114 to 301Female1tuks00:38:41
245384Breannyn JONES01:03:3514 to 3070Female107LINRAND01:03:35
203437Giulia VILLAR00:58:5413 & Under3Female85OLD ED-ÇÖS00:58:54
314694Elaine SEALE-MCKEND01:19:1651 to 608Female137 01:19:16
861177Andri JOHNSTON00:47:4114 to 3026Female28 00:47:41
1841435Victoria ALSTON00:57:2314 to 3058Female76 00:57:23
2471437Marie-Victoire CUMMING01:03:5914 to 3071Female108 01:03:59
611450Ashleigh IRVINE-SMITH00:44:5014 to 3018Female19 00:44:50
1121601Bernelee DOSTER00:50:0813 & Under1Female35Esp Kempton Aquatics00:50:08
561718Elizabeth VAN STRATEN00:44:2914 to 3016Female17 00:44:29
Page 1 of 8 (384 items)

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