Dis-Chem Sun City Swim
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21 Oct 2017
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos *
14422Samantha RANDLE00:38:4114 to 301Female1tuks00:38:41
161Chad MICHAU00:34:4514 to 301Male1Action00:34:45
257Henre LOUW00:35:0914 to 302Male2tuks00:35:09
1698Jessica WHELAN00:39:3914 to 302Female2mandeville00:39:39
310Ruan BREYTENBACH00:35:1114 to 303Male3tuks00:35:11
223Kaitlyn ALBERTYN00:40:0414 to 303Female3tuks00:40:04
451Tyrone KRUGER00:35:1114 to 304Male4TUKS SWIIMING CLUB00:35:11
2622Kelly FAIRON00:40:4414 to 304Female4Waterborn00:40:44
51610Eric Jak LE ROUX00:36:4014 to 305Male5 00:36:40
27390Emile KROG00:41:1114 to 305Female5Electric Eels00:41:11
28401Danica MCWILLIAM00:41:1214 to 306Female6DRAGONS00:41:12
6110James. S FREEMAN00:36:4114 to 306Male6tuks00:36:41
3171Zoe PHILLIPS00:41:5814 to 307Female7tuks00:41:58
755Zander LANDMAN00:36:4814 to 307Male7Tuks swimming00:36:48
870Aiden PETERSEN00:37:1814 to 308Male8WATERBORN SWIM CLUB00:37:18
35297Stephanie Houtman00:42:1214 to 308Female8 00:42:12
391553Samantha Van Veyeren00:42:5614 to 309Female9 00:42:56
91551Abdul Malick RAILOUN00:37:3814 to 309Male9Champion Swimming Club00:37:38
1059Refiloe Makata MASHAO00:37:3814 to 3010Male10ST. ANDREWS DRAGONS00:37:38
42311Ashleigh Fagan MUNKS00:43:1014 to 3010Female10Boksburg Aquatic Saints00:43:10
4683Cameron VAN DER MERWE00:43:4214 to 3011Female11Aec swimming00:43:42
1188Hein VAN TONDER00:37:3814 to 3011Male11Boksburg Aquatics Saints00:37:38
4776Jenna SEYMOUR-SMITH00:43:4614 to 3012Female12BOKSBURG SAINTS ACQUATIC00:43:46
1292Reino Von Wielligh00:37:4114 to 3012Male12NORTH-WEST UNIVERSITY SWIMMING CLUB00:37:41
49304Jenna-Lee LANGE00:43:4914 to 3013Female13Mandeville Dolphins00:43:49
13337Rossouw VENTER00:38:0914 to 3013Male13tuks00:38:09
50119Cecilia STANFORD00:44:0551 to 601Female14 00:44:05
15421Matthew RANDLE00:38:4314 to 3014Male14tuks00:38:43
17253Aidan BAINES00:39:4214 to 3015Male15Mandeville Dolphins00:39:42
5413Demi-Lee CARLISLE00:44:2114 to 3014Female15Florida Swimming Club00:44:21
18444Reece Joe ZOWITSKY00:39:4214 to 3016Male16MIDWIT SWIMMING CLUB00:39:42
5594Keren WELGEMOED00:44:2814 to 3015Female16Deep Blue00:44:28
561718Elizabeth VAN STRATEN00:44:2914 to 3016Female17 00:44:29
19267Ruben DU PISANIE00:39:4414 to 3017Male17Akasia swimming club00:39:44
202Muhammad ADAM00:39:4714 to 3018Male18Mandeville Dolphins00:39:47
57305Courtney LAROS00:44:3114 to 3017Female18DRAGONS SWIMMING CLUB00:44:31
21128Coillard FORD00:39:4941 to 501Male19 00:39:49
611450Ashleigh IRVINE-SMITH00:44:5014 to 3018Female19 00:44:50
2332Brad GUNTHER00:40:1314 to 3019Male20Perfect Stroke00:40:13
624Megan ALBERTYN00:44:5041 to 501Female20tuks00:44:50
2431Craig GROENEWALD00:40:1731 to 401Male21LINRAND00:40:17
64265Jessica DE BEER00:44:5814 to 3019Female21Florida Swimming Club00:44:58
719Micaela BOULLE00:45:5414 to 3020Female22Old Eds00:45:54
25252Muhammed N ADAM00:40:3414 to 3020Male22ATLANTIS SWIMMIMG CLUB00:40:34
7444Carolina IBARRA00:46:4714 to 3021Female23Electric Eels00:46:47
29264James DALY00:41:4314 to 3021Male23Electric Eels00:41:43
75273Anke FOURIE00:46:5814 to 3022Female24LADYSMITH MARLIN00:46:58
30324Nicholas SMITH00:41:4514 to 3022Male24ESP Aquatics00:41:45
7647Hyslop KIRSTY00:47:0714 to 3023Female25PLAYERS SWIM CLUB00:47:07
3299Branden A WILLOWS00:41:5814 to 3023Male25Mandeville Dolphins00:41:58
Page 1 of 8 (384 items)

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