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04 Nov 2017
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Race No
Gen Pos
118James Meredith01:23:47Elite Heroes for a DayMale1 
2112Bryce Goss01:36:47Heroes for a day 25+Male2Scrambled Legs
316Craig Mannheim01:43:04Elite Heroes for a DayMale3 
4101Julian Anderson01:48:04Heroes for a day (19 - 24)Male4 
5131Paul Stroebel01:48:28Heroes for a day 25+Male5 
6115Wesley Grobler01:52:47Heroes for a day 25+Male6 
723Travis Warwick-Oliver01:54:02Elite Heroes for a DayMale7 
8107Kyle Bester01:55:39Heroes for a day 25+Male8Hillcrest Rugga Buggers
9120Brian Lewis01:55:40Heroes for a day 25+Male9Hillcrest Rugga Buggers
10135Brandon Waugh01:55:44Heroes for a day 25+Male10Hillcrest Rugga Buggers
1126Tarryn Butler01:56:09Elite Heroes for a DayFemale1 
12125Peter Potgieter01:56:09Heroes for a day 25+Male11Bru
1321Duncan Allen Shoyer01:56:39Elite Heroes for a DayMale12 
14116Henkie Groenewald01:57:18Heroes for a day 25+Male13Hillcrest Rugga Buggers
15104Dean Rawlins01:59:14Heroes for a day (19 - 24)Male14 
16121Grant Mamotte02:00:29Heroes for a day 25+Male15 
17126Thomas Raatgever02:02:20Heroes for a day 25+Male16Scrambled Legs
18122Cardwell Mitcham02:02:24Heroes for a day 25+Male17Scrambled Legs
19137Matt Wickham02:02:27Heroes for a day 25+Male18Scrambled Legs
205Damon Cousins02:03:31Elite Heroes for a DayMale19 
213Johann Bruwer02:05:32Elite Heroes for a DayMale20 
22148Teresa MOLLER02:05:59Heroes for a day 25+Female2 
23136Vaughn Wheeler02:06:50Heroes for a day 25+Male21 
24129Jarid Sherwood02:07:18Heroes for a day 25+Male22 
25108Murray Burger02:07:57Heroes for a day 25+Male23 
26139Lindsay Combrink02:07:57Heroes for a day 25+Female3 
27152Nicholette Spence02:11:43Heroes for a day 25+Female4 
28111Brett Dunlop-Milborrow02:15:19Heroes for a day 25+Male24 
29138Tash Augustus02:18:10Heroes for a day 25+Female5 
30114Raj Govender02:22:44Heroes for a day 25+Male25 
31134Matthew Van Heerden02:27:43Heroes for a day 25+Male26 
32143Maritsa Gouws02:28:10Heroes for a day 25+Female6 
33113Brian David Gouws02:28:12Heroes for a day 25+Male27 
3432Telise Tonkin02:31:12Elite Heroes for a DayFemale7 
35102Kyle Gerhard02:31:42Heroes for a day (19 - 24)Male28Team Bush-Fit
36105Chelsea Kerdachi02:31:46Heroes for a day (19 - 24)Female8Team Bush-Fit
37142Alicia du Plessis 02:32:21Heroes for a day 25+Female9 
38146Jessica Jacobs02:32:43Heroes for a day 25+Female10Misfits
39144Louise Harrison02:32:59Heroes for a day 25+Female11Harrison
40103Lee Penderis02:33:00Heroes for a day (19 - 24)Male29Team Bush-Fit
41117Dean Harrison02:33:09Heroes for a day 25+Male30Harrison
42140Jolynne De Beer02:34:57Heroes for a day 25+Female12Athlete X 2017
43155Wanri Venter02:34:57Heroes for a day 25+Female13Athlete X 2017
44153Shireen Swart02:34:57Heroes for a day 25+Female14Athlete X 2017
4517Troy Meaker02:37:39Elite Heroes for a DayMale31 
46128Clint Robson02:41:01Heroes for a day 25+Male32Misfits
47318Rahool Amin02:41:21Heroes for a day (19 - 24)Male33Diego
48141Belinda De Broize02:43:25Heroes for a day 25+Female15 
49109Delwin DeBroize02:43:28Heroes for a day 25+Male34 
50154MICHELLE Tessendorf02:50:05Heroes for a day 25+Female16ABSOLUTE 2
Page 1 of 2 (67 items)

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