Cradle Moon Swim Challenge 2
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Sunday, November 27, 2016
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1189Ruan Breytenbach00:35:4014 to 30114Male1
2102Henre LOUW00:35:5014 to 30214Male2
346Josh DANNHAUSER00:36:4614 to 30318Male3
4137Mitchel SINCLAIR00:38:3014 to 30417Male4
593Christian KRIEL00:40:4514 to 30516Male5
6153Daniell VAN DER MERWE00:40:5314 to 30614Male6
7124Ronan PLEASS00:41:1014 to 30715Male7
866Brad GUNTHER00:41:1214 to 30815Male8
9140Nicholas SMITH00:42:2114 to 30918Male9
1069Dustin HALE00:42:2614 to 301019Male10
11183Samantha Van Veyeren00:42:4014 to 30115Female1
12192Aidan Griffith00:42:4314 to 301114Male11
1324Muhammed N ADAM00:42:4714 to 301215Male12
14174Thabo Jnr YONA00:42:5614 to 301314Male13
15190Isabelle Boles00:44:0814 to 30215Female2
1628Kaitlyn ALBERTYN00:44:5114 to 30314Female3
17116Human MULLER00:45:2514 to 301416Male14
1877Stephanie HOUTMAN00:45:2914 to 30414Female4
1923Muhammad ADAM00:45:3413 & Under113Male15
2055Coillard FORD00:45:5341 to 50142Male16
21100Chloe LONGWITZ00:46:0014 to 30516Female5
22151Ayesha VALLI00:46:2914 to 30618Female6
2352Deborah DREDGE00:47:0814 to 30714Female7
24180Francois Jean Snyman00:47:3514 to 301519Male17
25161Mieke VAN ZYL00:47:5414 to 30816Female8
26152Cameron VAN DER MERWE00:48:0213 & Under113Female9
27104Etienne MALAN00:48:0514 to 301617Male18
28123Kayley PETERSEN00:48:0514 to 30917Female10
29170Manie WESSELS00:48:0741 to 50241Male19
30185Roger Young00:48:1051 to 60151Male20
3164Alia GOEDVOLK00:48:1413 & Under213Female11
3288Wazier Kariem KARA00:48:2614 to 301720Male21
33134Gabriela SCROOBY00:48:3113 & Under313Female12
34186Demi-Lee Carlisle00:48:3214 to 301014Female13
3522Isa ADAM00:48:4614 to 301815Male22
36166Jason WALKER00:48:5314 to 301915Male23
3733Micaela BOULLE00:49:3314 to 301114Female14
38129Johnaco PRINSLOO00:49:3414 to 302017Male24
3989Karen Brooks00:49:4251 to 60154Female15
40127Johann PRETORIUS00:49:5251 to 60253Male25
4187Irshaad KARA00:50:0114 to 302117Male26
4258John William FRANCIS00:50:1741 to 50347Male27
4391Tasneem KHARVA00:50:2614 to 301215Female16
44138Aiden SMITH00:50:3514 to 302216Male28
4590Karen KENNEDY00:50:5141 to 50150Female17
46106Carol MASON00:50:5251 to 60253Female18
4784Justine JOHNSON00:50:5631 to 40139Female19
48197Leon Bekker00:51:2614 to 302326Male29
49126Courtney PRETORIUS00:51:4214 to 301315Female20
5053Jandre DU PREEZ00:51:5214 to 302415Male30
Page 1 of 4 (178 items)

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