Golden Gate Challenge 2017
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
Start Time
1224Eric NGUBANE02:24:4930 to 391Male1Batch A06:00:2602:24:4911.2 km/h
2344Linda ZONDI02:32:1820 to 291Male2Batch A06:00:2602:32:1810.6 km/h
3225Kwenza NGUBANE02:34:1530 to 392Male3Batch A06:00:2602:34:1510.5 km/h
4188Nomore MANDIVENGEREI02:37:5230 to 393Male4Batch A06:00:2602:37:5210.3 km/h
5189Solicitor MANDUWA02:38:1740 to 491Male5Batch A06:00:2602:38:1710.2 km/h
6128Quintin HONEY02:42:3830 to 394Male6Batch A06:00:2602:42:3810.0 km/h
752Pieter CONRADIE02:55:2520 to 292Male7Batch A06:00:2602:55:25 9.2 km/h
8263Ayanda SHABALALA02:57:3020 to 293Male8Batch A06:00:2602:57:30 9.1 km/h
967Ben BRIMBLE02:57:4430 to 395Male9Batch A06:00:2602:57:44 9.1 km/h
10215Kapoko MOSIEA03:01:4940 to 492Male10Batch A06:00:2603:01:49 8.9 km/h
11140Christiaan JANSE VAN RENSBURG03:03:3030 to 396Male11Batch A06:00:2603:03:30 8.8 km/h
12164David LAITHWAITE03:12:1740 to 493Male12Batch A06:00:2603:12:17 8.4 km/h
1372Marie-Zanne DE KOCK03:19:0230 to 391Female1Batch A06:00:2603:19:02 8.1 km/h
14184Jevan MALAN03:25:0930 to 397Male13Batch A06:00:2603:25:09 7.9 km/h
15198Nonsikelelo MBAMBO03:25:1930 to 392Female2Batch A06:00:2603:25:19 7.9 km/h
1686Clive EDWARDS03:25:2440 to 494Male14Batch A06:00:2603:25:24 7.9 km/h
1710Roy AROUCA03:28:3940 to 495Male15Batch A06:00:2603:28:39 7.8 km/h
1871Simon DE JONG03:31:2430 to 398Male16Batch A06:00:2603:31:24 7.7 km/h
1937Greg CARTER-BROWN03:38:4730 to 399Male17Batch A06:00:2603:38:47 7.4 km/h
2048Guy CLUVER03:39:0240 to 496Male18Batch A06:00:2603:39:02 7.4 km/h
21106Apiwe GAGA03:41:4530 to 393Female3Batch A06:00:2603:41:45 7.3 km/h
22346Tracy ZUNCKEL03:42:2840 to 491Female4Batch A06:00:2603:42:28 7.3 km/h
23207Ezaiah MIYA03:46:4940 to 497Male19Batch B06:07:4603:46:49 7.1 km/h
24181Joesph MABOTE03:49:4250 to 591Male20Batch A06:00:2603:49:42 7.1 km/h
25260Karl SCHMIDT03:50:1730 to 3910Male21Batch B06:07:4603:50:17 7.0 km/h
2635Brett CAMPBELL03:53:2230 to 3911Male22Batch B06:07:4603:53:22 6.9 km/h
27330Jan VREKEN03:54:0840 to 498Male23Batch B06:07:4603:54:08 6.9 km/h
28186Matshelane MAMABOLO03:54:5440 to 499Male24Batch C06:13:3903:54:54 6.9 km/h
2915Owen BENGO03:55:0330 to 3912Male25Batch A06:00:2603:55:03 6.9 km/h
30240Julia PENNINGTON03:55:0620 to 291Female5Batch B06:07:4603:55:06 6.9 km/h
31182Mlungisi MADLALA03:55:0630 to 3913Male26Batch B06:07:4603:55:06 6.9 km/h
32237Gerald PAVEL03:57:2740 to 4910Male27Batch C06:13:3903:57:27 6.8 km/h
334Collin ALBERTYN03:57:2730 to 3914Male28Batch A06:00:2603:57:27 6.8 km/h
3495Sally FENWICK04:00:1830 to 394Female6Batch A06:00:2604:00:18 6.7 km/h
35341Sandanathi XABA04:00:4640 to 4911Male29Batch B06:07:4604:00:46 6.7 km/h
3618Samantha BIESKE04:01:3020 to 292Female7Batch B06:07:4604:01:30 6.7 km/h
37151Andrew KEIGHTLEY-SMITH04:01:3920 to 294Male30Batch A06:00:2604:01:39 6.7 km/h
38290Stephen TAYLOR04:02:0530 to 3915Male31Batch B06:07:4604:02:05 6.7 km/h
3947Shannon CLARK04:05:3750 to 592Male32Batch A06:00:2604:05:37 6.6 km/h
40300Phineas TSULUBE04:06:0640 to 4912Male33Batch A06:00:2604:06:06 6.6 km/h
41105David FUNNELL04:07:0350 to 593Male34Batch A06:00:2604:07:03 6.6 km/h
4257Gareth CROUCH04:08:5520 to 295Male35Batch A06:00:2604:08:55 6.5 km/h
4394Cindy FABER04:09:1840 to 492Female8Batch A06:00:2604:09:18 6.5 km/h
44196Sibonelo MASHIMANE04:09:1930 to 3916Male36Batch B06:07:4604:09:19 6.5 km/h
45320Jan VAN VREDEN04:11:1550 to 594Male37Batch A06:00:2604:11:15 6.4 km/h
46325Karien VENTER04:14:0020 to 293Female9Batch C06:13:3904:14:00 6.4 km/h
47103Marise FOURIE04:14:2030 to 395Female10Batch A06:00:2604:14:20 6.4 km/h
48251Jian REIS04:15:4930 to 3917Male38Batch B06:07:4604:15:49 6.3 km/h
4965Douglas DE BRUYN04:15:5630 to 3918Male39Batch B06:07:4604:15:56 6.3 km/h
50213Paulos MONARENG04:16:3940 to 4913Male40Batch A06:00:2604:16:39 6.3 km/h
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