Deutsche Bank Cycle Tour Mauritius
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Sunday, September 24, 2017
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
Team Result
165Pharmasse STEWARD02:33:22Group A Racing Bike1Male1  Mauritius39.1 km/h
2112Werner MOOLMAN02:34:19Group A Racing Bike2Male2  South Africa38.9 km/h
368Abor ADRIANO02:34:19Group A Racing Bike3Male3  Mauritius38.9 km/h
472Andre JTAWLITO02:34:19Group A Racing Bike4Male4  Mauritius38.9 km/h
567Catherine FABIO02:34:19Group A Racing Bike5Male5  Mauritius38.9 km/h
62Salza LAVRENT02:34:20Group A Racing Bike6Male6  Mauritius38.9 km/h
79Dylan BODENSTEIN02:34:38Group A Racing Bike7Male7  Mauritius38.8 km/h
847Benito BEEMAL02:34:39Group A Racing Bike8Male8  Mauritius38.8 km/h
937Michel Yoan PIROGUE02:34:41Group A Racing Bike9Male9  Mauritius38.8 km/h
10138Camoin JEAN FRANCOIS02:34:42Group A Racing Bike10Male10  Mauritius38.8 km/h
11139Olivier ROUILLARD02:34:42Group A Racing Bike11Male11  Mauritius38.8 km/h
1292Gehin ANTOINE02:34:57Group A Racing Bike12Male12   38.7 km/h
13150Nico MERNE02:39:19Group A Racing Bike13Male13  Mauritius37.7 km/h
14140Wongtakwan LAWRENCE02:39:20Group A Racing Bike14Male14  Mauritius37.7 km/h
156Kim CHUNG YEE02:40:25Group A Racing Bike15Male15  Mauritius37.4 km/h
16128Eldoridgi LARHUBARBE02:40:35Group A Racing Bike16Male16  Mauritius37.4 km/h
1735Laurent MAMET02:40:37Group A Racing Bike17Male17  Mauritius37.4 km/h
1898Niels HARTMANN02:40:51Group A Racing Bike18Male18  Mauritius37.3 km/h
19108Mariette LOIC02:41:19Group A Racing Bike19Male19  Mauritius37.2 km/h
20145Maingard HADRIEN02:46:08Group A Racing Bike20Male20  Mauritius36.1 km/h
21124Remy GERARD02:46:09Group A Racing Bike21Male21  Mauritius36.1 km/h
22573Rudolf PRETORIUS02:46:14Group A Racing Bike22Male22  South Africa36.1 km/h
23110Isabel MOOLMAN02:46:15Group A Racing Bike1Female1  South Africa36.1 km/h
24222Jean Paul KOO02:46:43Group B Racing Bike1Male23  Mauritius36.0 km/h
25162Hansrod CHAFI02:46:44Group B Racing Bike2Male24  South Africa36.0 km/h
26206Carey MICHAEL02:46:44Group B Racing Bike3Male25  Mauritius36.0 km/h
27187Leon VAN RENSBURG02:46:57Group B Racing Bike4Male26  South Africa35.9 km/h
28248Botsoa FRANCIS02:46:58Group B Racing Bike5Male27  Mauritius35.9 km/h
29168Jeremie WAN02:46:59Group B Racing Bike6Male28  Mauritius35.9 km/h
30161Henry LE BLANC02:46:59Group B Racing Bike7Male29  Mauritius35.9 km/h
31157Allan SMITH02:46:59Group B Racing Bike8Male30  Mauritius35.9 km/h
32191Vanessa Jullienne02:47:02Group B Racing Bike1Female2  Mauritius35.9 km/h
33186Nadine VAN RENSBURG02:47:02Group B Racing Bike2Female3  Mauritius35.9 km/h
34193John Jullienne02:47:02Group B Racing Bike9Male31  Mauritius35.9 km/h
35192Benoit Halbachs02:47:02Group B Racing Bike10Male32  Mauritius35.9 km/h
364Steeve LOA02:48:06Group A Racing Bike23Male33  Mauritius35.7 km/h
37160Gross JEAN-PASCAL02:49:27Group B Racing Bike11Male34  France35.4 km/h
38155Bruno MAMET02:49:29Group B Racing Bike12Male35  Mauritius35.4 km/h
391Mickael MONDON02:49:59Group A Racing Bike24Male36  France35.3 km/h
4032Adrian SMIT02:50:02Group A Racing Bike25Male37  South Africa35.3 km/h
41181Charoux MARC02:50:41Group B Racing Bike13Male38  Mauritius35.2 km/h
42231Jeremy CLATWORTHY02:50:54Group B Racing Bike14Male39  Mauritius35.1 km/h
43177Fayolle HENRI02:51:09Group B Racing Bike15Male40  Mauritius35.1 km/h
44228Jocelyn VIGER02:53:21Group B Racing Bike16Male41  Mauritius34.6 km/h
45218Vincent QUEVAUVILLIERS02:53:32Group B Racing Bike17Male42  Mauritius34.6 km/h
46219Gregory QUEVAUVILLIERS02:53:32Group B Racing Bike18Male43  Mauritius34.6 km/h
47237Satish MATIA PULLUT02:54:08Group B Racing Bike19Male44MEDINE SPORT03:11:40Mauritius34.5 km/h
48189Amitabh GOOLOOA02:54:09Group B Racing Bike20Male45  Mauritius34.5 km/h
49109Paul INGPEN02:54:43Group A Racing Bike26Male46  South Africa34.3 km/h
5020Tyack JEAN PHILLIP02:54:43Group A Racing Bike27Male47  Mauritius34.3 km/h
Page 1 of 5 (224 items)