Mont-Aux-Sources Challenge
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Saturday, September 9, 2017
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1151Quintin Honey04:42:2630 to 39139Male15:38 min/kmA
2250Kwenza Ngubane04:42:5930 to 39237Male25:39 min/kmA
336Andrea Biffi04:43:2930 to 39333Male35:40 min/kmA
495Ryan Eichstadt04:48:3630 to 39430Male45:46 min/kmA
5308Philani Shabalala04:56:4040 to 49142Male55:56 min/kmA
653Pedro Calderon04:59:1030 to 39532Male65:59 min/kmA
7210Nomore Mandivengerei05:03:3330 to 39634Male76:04 min/kmA
867Marcus Crowther05:04:1620 to 29127Male86:05 min/kmA
9246Mxolisi Ndlovu05:04:2840 to 49247Male96:05 min/kmA
1066Martin Crous05:09:4030 to 39732Male106:11 min/kmA
1187Perfect Dlamini05:13:0430 to 39831Male116:15 min/kmA
12333Ben Brimble05:21:0330 to 39931Male126:25 min/kmA
13233Vusi Mkhonza05:24:1240 to 49346Male136:29 min/kmA
1468Trad Cruikshank05:26:5130 to 391036Male146:32 min/kmA
15320Craig Smith05:29:2630 to 391135Male156:35 min/kmA
16234Mandla Mncube05:33:1130 to 391233Male166:39 min/kmA
17169Zakhele Khoza05:36:3330 to 391332Male176:43 min/kmE
18389Linda Zondi05:36:3420 to 29226Male186:43 min/kmA
1962Van Den Bergh Colin05:43:3430 to 391431Male196:52 min/kmA
20399Mdu Zondi05:43:3430 to 391538Male206:52 min/kmA
21141Warren Hawkins05:43:5530 to 391637Male216:52 min/kmA
22215Grant Marcus05:43:5740 to 49443Male226:52 min/kmA
23264Tracy Zunkel05:51:1640 to 49142Female17:01 min/kmA
2477Simon De Jong05:51:1630 to 391731Male237:01 min/kmA
25318Wesley Smit05:54:0430 to 391832Male247:04 min/kmB
26241Kapoko Mosiea06:04:4440 to 49542Male257:17 min/kmC
27344Greg Temblett06:09:1030 to 391933Male267:23 min/kmB
28400Siyabonga Zuma06:13:3630 to 392034Male277:28 min/kmA
29214Jodi Marcus06:13:3830 to 39134Female27:28 min/kmA
3086Fran Diesel06:13:5430 to 39235Female37:28 min/kmA
3194Clive Edwards06:14:4540 to 49642Male287:29 min/kmB
32143Lafras Heron06:17:0840 to 49745Male297:32 min/kmB
33178Gunther Kruse06:17:1540 to 49844Male307:32 min/kmA
34232Lindokuhle Miya06:18:0430 to 392133Male317:33 min/kmA
35294Kevern Sandalls06:19:4540 to 49948Male327:35 min/kmA
36282Warren Ralph06:19:5940 to 491046Male337:35 min/kmA
3741Kevin Blann06:23:4340 to 491141Male347:40 min/kmC
38122Owen Gandar06:26:0120 to 29326Male357:43 min/kmB
39267Rory Pelser06:31:5820 to 29426Male367:50 min/kmE
4045Lambrecht Botha06:32:2720 to 29529Male377:50 min/kmE
4189Gerhard Dobie06:37:1440 to 491245Male387:56 min/kmB
42231Ezaiah Miya06:40:1640 to 491347Male398:00 min/kmA
4320Jessica Barrow06:41:4830 to 39336Female48:02 min/kmB
44257David Van Der Veen06:50:4520 to 29620Male408:12 min/kmA
4579Ben De Klerk06:52:2540 to 491443Male418:14 min/kmB
46158Shane Jacklin06:53:2630 to 392232Male428:16 min/kmC
47100Ralph Enslin06:53:3630 to 392332Male438:16 min/kmB
48290Garth Robinson06:55:4130 to 392438Male448:18 min/kmF
49126Craig Glutz06:55:4130 to 392538Male458:18 min/kmF
50149Gerald Holland06:58:0860 to 69161Male468:21 min/kmB
Page 1 of 8 (388 items)