aQuelle Midmar Mile
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Saturday, February 13, 2016
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1860Tyrone KRUGER00:20:3114 to 301Male1
2881Mark RANDALL00:20:4314 to 302Male2
3862Eric Jak LE ROUX00:21:1014 to 303Male3
4828Gary Albertyn00:21:1541 to 501Male4
5936Ruan LOTZ00:21:3314 to 304Male5
611411Terence Parkin00:21:49Deaf1Male6
7421Craig GROENEWALD00:22:06Intellectually1Male7
8943Terry HELLER00:22:1341 to 502Male8
9894Reegan Tait00:22:2214 to 305Male9
10589Aaron PUTZ00:23:22Intellectually2Male10
11804Lauren Leigh BEZUIDENHOUT00:23:2314 to 301Female1
12805Gareth BYDAWELL00:23:2731 to 401Male11
131649Thomas FULLER00:23:2931 to 402Male12
141434Shireen SAPIRO00:23:31Physically1Female2
15494Calvin MCKIE00:23:4614 to 306Male13
16808Mark DUNCAN00:23:5241 to 503Male14
17818Marc NORTJE00:24:0341 to 504Male15
18829Megan ALBERTYN00:24:0341 to 501Female3
19814Sheldon LOTZ00:24:0514 to 307Male16
20934Taine BUYS00:24:2514 to 308Male17
21569Thulane MABUZA00:24:36Physically1Male18
22449Warwick ALBERTYN00:24:5114 to 309Male19
23890Owen Sheftz00:24:5131 to 403Male20
24843Dominique DONNER00:24:5141 to 502Female4
251430Kegan MURPHY00:25:0331 to 404Male21
26870Melissa MARTINSON00:25:1414 to 302Female5
27948Charles BEAURAIN00:25:1531 to 405Male22
28817Georgia-Mai Ng-Yu-tin00:25:2214 to 303Female6
29883Keli REYNOLDS00:25:2214 to 304Female7
30891Kelvin Steyn00:25:3714 to 3010Male23
31851Nicole HARRIS00:25:4414 to 305Female8
3211404Brett Handiaris00:25:4914 to 3011Male24
33845Steve EVANS00:25:5051 to 601Male25
341536Paige HORN00:25:5213 & Under1Female9
35941Emil BERNING00:25:5741 to 505Male26
36413David COATES00:26:07Intellectually3Male27
37939Michael SLATTERY00:26:1041 to 506Male28
3811452Byron MORRISON00:26:3114 to 3012Male29
39876Cavin NOAH00:26:3414 to 3013Male30
40442Pierre DELLIEU00:26:53Deaf2Male31
411442Jenna WARD00:27:0114 to 306Female10
42897Royden Tustin00:27:0651 to 602Male32
4311609Shaun DICKSON00:27:1141 to 507Male33
44899Marius VAN REENEN00:27:1331 to 406Male34
451396Clinton Chant00:27:1831 to 407Male35
46916Cablan KHALED00:27:2431 to 408Male36
47802Paul BARRON00:27:2631 to 409Male37
48910Peter WISEMAN00:27:3241 to 508Male38
49888Liron SANDERS00:27:3214 to 3014Male39
50812Georgina HYLAND00:27:3314 to 307Female11
Page 1 of 11 (517 items)

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