Lake Heritage Water Festival
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20 Jan 2019
Please Note: The 600m Fun Swim is not a timed event
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Race No
45Pieter DOMAN31 to 40Male
51Annalisa FREESE31 to 40Female
71Owen KEULDER41 to 50Male
101Richard MURDOCK31 to 40Male
316Caleb ARENDSE13 & UnderMale
377Mikayla BLOCH VON BLOTTNITZ13 & UnderFemale
385Brett BOTHA41 to 50Male
406Elke BROWN41 to 50Female
430Lyndsey CLARKE31 to 40Female
433Richard COLLINS51 to 60Male
436Emma COPE13 & UnderFemale
437Joshua COPE14 to 30Male
443Declan CRUSE14 to 30Male
466Jolien DE KLERK41 to 50Female
476Wayne DELBOUX41 to 50Male
493Carl DOLLENBERG41 to 50Male
497Guy DREW51 to 60Male
538Alistair FISHER41 to 50Male
545Karen FLETCHER41 to 50Female
553Maretha FOURIE31 to 40Female
559Charlene FRANS31 to 40Female
560Chantelle FREITAS14 to 30Female
584Johan GEY VAN PITTIUS31 to 40Male
641Carsten HOLFELDER51 to 60Male
657Sharla JACOBSEN14 to 30Female
687Chante JOUBERT13 & UnderFemale
690Gerald KAHN61 to 70Male
697Dylan KEULDER13 & UnderMale
774Christian MALAN41 to 50Male
891Kerry PAPPAS31 to 40Female
904Michael PHILLIPS31 to 40Male
910Petro PIETERSE61 to 70Female
932Natalie PULLEN41 to 50Female
1018Juanita SMITH14 to 30Female
1020Kelly-Anne SMITH14 to 30Female
1023Tanika SMITH14 to 30Female
1050Fred STROMBECK31 to 40Male
1082Tanya UNGERER41 to 50Female
1126Cameron VENABLES13 & UnderMale
1167Kate WHITTAKER13 & UnderFemale
1173Christopher WILLIAMS13 & UnderMale
1174James WILLIAMS41 to 50Male
1205Sally CULLINAN41 to 50Female
1206Michael ELLIS14 to 30Male
1207Richard ELTRINGHAM14 to 30Male
1222Lean ROBBERTSE31 to 40Male
1235Joshua WHITTAKER13 & UnderMale
3001Joy ALEXANDER41 to 50Female
3002Caitlin ARENDSE13 & UnderFemale
3003Andrew AROUCA13 & UnderMale
Page 1 of 3 (139 items)

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