Lake Heritage Water Festival
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20 Jan 2019
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
3Gary ALBERTYNNot started41 to 50Male
13Russell BEHRENSNot started61 to 70Male
24Jaco-Lou CAMPHERNot started31 to 40Male
39Ernest DAVISNot started51 to 60Male
43Hofmeyr DE VOSNot started41 to 50Male
45Pieter DOMANNot started31 to 40Male
52Derek FYFENot started71 & OverMale
57Garth GRAYNot started51 to 60Male
69Guy KEELINGNot started61 to 70Male
71Owen KEULDERNot started41 to 50Male
86Henre LOUWNot started14 to 30Male
96Robin MORRISONNot started31 to 40Male
97Adrian MOSSNot started31 to 40Male
101Richard MURDOCKNot started31 to 40Male
110Andrew O'MAHONYNot started31 to 40Male
114Brendan OHAGANNot started31 to 40Male
134Sam SELMER-OLSENNot started61 to 70Male
178Bernhard WESTRANot started41 to 50Male
217Terence PARKINNot started31 to 40Male
302Johane ABSALOMNot started14 to 30Female
304Gareth ADDISONNot started41 to 50Male
306William ADDISONNot started41 to 50Male
312Massimiliano AMBROSINot started13 & UnderMale
313Ross ANDERSONNot started31 to 40Male
314Carl ANSCHUTZNot started51 to 60Male
315David Eric ARBUTHNOTNot started61 to 70Male
316Caleb ARENDSENot started13 & UnderMale
321Cameron ASHTONNot started13 & UnderMale
323Chris ASPOASNot started51 to 60Male
326Barend BADENHORSTNot started41 to 50Male
333Benjamin BAKERNot started13 & UnderMale
337Rory BAKERNot started41 to 50Male
343Dieter BARNARDNot started14 to 30Male
347Trevor BARSDORFNot started31 to 40Male
348Dylan BARTRAMNot started31 to 40Male
349Graham BARTRAMNot started61 to 70Male
351Shaun BARTRAMNot started31 to 40Male
352Simon BARTRAMNot started31 to 40Male
353Nahim BASSANot started31 to 40Male
357Grant BEATTIENot started41 to 50Male
358Kaiden BEATTIENot started13 & UnderMale
360Clive BEETONNot started41 to 50Male
365Carl BERNADACNot started41 to 50Male
367Andre BEYERSNot started41 to 50Male
368Jurie BEYERSNot started71 & OverMale
371Hamaad BHAMJEENot started13 & UnderMale
372Shyam BHANANot started31 to 40Male
376Arthur BLAKENot started61 to 70Male
385Brett BOTHANot started41 to 50Male
388Evan BOTHANot started13 & UnderMale
Page 1 of 8 (355 items)

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