New Year's Swim Challenge
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13 Jan 2018
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1351Matthew SATES00:14:1814 to 301Male1
243Guy BROOKS00:15:0414 to 302Male2
3209Tyrone KRUGER00:15:4614 to 303Male3
4359Tevin DU TOIT00:16:2614 to 304Male4
5249Mila REZAC00:16:5014 to 301Female1
6342Paige BROMBACHER00:17:2214 to 302Female2
7192Kelly-Lauren GASSON00:17:3614 to 303Female3
8401Mhlengi XULU00:18:0414 to 305Male5
9274Ted TOWNSEND00:18:2161 to 701Male6
10402Mthobisi HLENGWA00:18:3814 to 306Male7
11404Wandile MBILI00:18:4313 & Under1Male8
12349Thomas RICH00:19:3814 to 307Male9
13273Rita TOWNSEND00:20:2061 to 701Female4
14405Linda MPOFANA00:20:2013 & Under2Male10
15409Khawula STHEMBELA00:20:2114 to 308Male11
16410Mncedisi DLAMINI00:21:4714 to 309Male12
17203Nina GRUNDLINGH00:21:5014 to 304Female5
18155Sarah ANDERS00:21:5114 to 305Female6
19403Mbulelo SATYWA00:22:0814 to 3010Male13
2070Jani MARITZ00:22:3231 to 401Female7
21250Hayden RICH00:22:3514 to 3011Male14
22330Ethan KEMP00:23:0914 to 3012Male15
23369Naomi CHARLTON00:24:1014 to 306Female8
24184Demi Lea DU TOIT 00:24:3214 to 307Female9
25328Sean BRITZ00:25:5414 to 3013Male16
2653Carol FOURIE 00:26:3051 to 601Female10
27196Agnes GOSNELL00:26:3314 to 308Female11
28222Kirsty MARSH00:26:3914 to 309Female12
29376Zanne DE WET00:26:5414 to 3010Female13
30361Arjun RAMKARAN00:27:0313 & Under3Male17
31246Claudia REEDERS00:27:1014 to 3011Female14
32205Johan JANSE VAN VUUREN00:27:2114 to 3014Male18
33371Jacobus STANDER00:27:3114 to 3015Male19
34380Mariam KHAN00:27:4714 to 3012Female15
35319Kai ROSS00:27:5214 to 3016Male20
36117Frances BROMBACHER00:28:2751 to 602Female16
3736Catherine BASSAGE00:28:2851 to 603Female17
3822Julie HAY 00:29:4041 to 501Female18
39102Pauline BOWMAN EDGAR00:29:4461 to 702Female19
40269Cara TOMBLESON00:29:4914 to 3013Female20
41372Jolandi NEETHLING00:30:2414 to 3014Female21
42364Tristan ROBINS00:30:4314 to 3017Male21
43366Brendon RADEMEYER00:31:4614 to 3018Male22
44318Chad DAVIES00:32:5614 to 3019Male23
45248Tyrone REYNOLDS00:33:2414 to 3020Male24
46365Tyla BOWER00:34:1314 to 3015Female22
47109Shivaun EARLE00:35:3851 to 604Female23
48322Gavin DAVIES00:36:3641 to 501Male25
49321Chloe DAVIES00:37:0314 to 3016Female24
50363Clara BOWER00:37:0714 to 3017Female25
Page 1 of 2 (54 items)

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