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Saturday, November 4, 2017
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Race No
Gen Pos
1168Delphinus Sauer00:56:37Heroes in Training (12 - 24 years)Male1 
2180Marc Adam01:02:25Heroes in Training 25+Male2 
3189Tim Cawood01:10:54Heroes in Training 25+Male3Dream Team
4197alan edgar01:13:21Heroes in Training 25+Male4 
5227Heidi Nortje01:14:41Heroes in Training 25+Male5 
6217gerald matunga01:14:44Heroes in Training 25+Male6 
7232Ryan Stowe01:17:29Heroes in Training 25+Male7Desert racers
8241Paul Wheatley01:18:28Heroes in Training 25+Male8 
9332Faizol Kiiza01:20:23Heroes in Training 25+Male9 
10185Warren Bamber01:20:38Heroes in Training 25+Male10 
11119Kurt Laureau01:21:34Heroes for a day 25+Male11 
12156Christopher Adam01:21:39Heroes in Training (12 - 24 years)Male12 
13157Daniel ANASTASIS01:21:56Heroes in Training (12 - 24 years)Male13 
14258claire De sylva01:23:07Heroes in Training 25+Female1 
15165 Zenovia Horner01:25:11Heroes in Training (12 - 24 years)Female2 
16164Zufer Hoosen01:25:17Heroes in Training (12 - 24 years)Male14 
17166Matthew PANSEGROUW01:25:55Heroes in Training (12 - 24 years)Male15The Vikings
18167Tristan Pansegrouw01:25:55Heroes in Training (12 - 24 years)Male16The Vikings
1937Douglas CRAYSTON01:26:04Elite Heroes in TrainingMale17 
20214Emlyn Maduray01:27:17Heroes in Training 25+Male18 
21181Taki ANASTASIS01:28:10Heroes in Training 25+Male19 
22187James Botha01:29:36Heroes in Training 25+Male20Mayors Of Umdloti
23221Daneel Myburgh01:29:36Heroes in Training 25+Male21Mayors Of Umdloti
2449Shane Veness01:29:59Elite Heroes in TrainingMale22 
25233Lee Strydom01:30:23Heroes in Training 25+Male23Spartans
26251lauren bradley 01:30:28Heroes in Training 25+Female3 
27305Tanya Strydom01:30:55Heroes in Training 25+Female4Spartans
28257Sarah Dawson01:31:26Heroes in Training 25+Female5 
29236Ruan Taljaard01:31:41Heroes in Training 25+Male24 
30220Walter Muraisi01:32:00Heroes in Training 25+Male25 
31224Neil Nelson01:32:53Heroes in Training 25+Male26WP jou lekker ding
32238Hannes Van Heerden01:33:02Heroes in Training 25+Male27WP jou lekker ding
33199Neil Geustyn01:33:03Heroes in Training 25+Male28WP jou lekker ding
34275Laura Hunter01:33:11Heroes in Training 25+Female6 
35294Serena Pearce01:33:20Heroes in Training 25+Female7Waterra Warriors
36196Nkosingiphile Dlamini01:33:52Heroes in Training 25+Male29This is Forest
37296Shannon Potgieter01:33:52Heroes in Training 25+Female8This is Forest
38216Steven marshall01:34:25Heroes in Training 25+Male30Desert racers
39295Sophie Pearce01:34:43Heroes in Training 25+Female9Waterra Warriors
40229Grant Packer01:34:51Heroes in Training 25+Male31Desert racers
41315Kate Rowland01:36:14Elite Heroes in TrainingFemale10 
42274Vanessa Hunt01:37:54Heroes in Training 25+Female11 
43195Jason deVilliers01:38:15Heroes in Training 25+Male32 
44262Liezel Eksteen01:38:25Heroes in Training 25+Female12 
45194Louis De Valence01:39:11Heroes in Training 25+Male33Moerraspaddas
46211Ashley Kallis01:39:39Heroes in Training 25+Male34Moerraspaddas
47230Brian Paxton01:40:24Heroes in Training 25+Male35 
48293Lauren Paxton01:40:24Heroes in Training 25+Female13 
49171Robz Bezuidenhout01:40:41Heroes in Training (12 - 24 years)Female14 
50161Jean Gadd01:41:42Heroes in Training (12 - 24 years)Male36GJÆs
Page 1 of 4 (158 items)

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