Lake Heritage Water Festival
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Sunday, January 22, 2017
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1198Ruan BREYTENBACH00:36:5514 to 301Male1
224Gary ALBERTYN00:39:3641 to 501Male2
3179Michee VAN ROOYEN00:39:3714 to 301Female1
4125Armand NORTJE00:39:3814 to 302Male3
53Ruben DU PISANIE00:39:4414 to 303Male4
6184Rossouw VENTER00:39:5514 to 304Male5
7103Kyle LETLEY00:40:0214 to 305Male6
8148Jadon John-Ross SAMUEL00:43:1914 to 306Male7
920Chad TUCKER00:43:2214 to 307Male8
10183Engela VENTER00:43:3214 to 302Female2
11181Samantha VAN VEYEREN00:43:5214 to 303Female3
1259Anel DE VOS00:43:5614 to 304Female4
1367Coillard FORD00:43:5741 to 502Male9
1433Stefan BOLLING00:44:1141 to 503Male10
1523Connor ALBERTYN00:46:0813 & Under1Male11
1625Megan ALBERTYN00:46:1041 to 501Female5
17108Etienne MALAN00:46:2214 to 308Male12
18161Kelvin STEYN00:46:3514 to 309Male13
1922Christen AARONSON00:46:3614 to 305Female6
20121Human MULLER00:46:3814 to 3010Male14
2136Gustav BOSHOFF00:47:4014 to 3011Male15
22203Royden TUSTIN00:48:1051 to 601Male16
2331Claire Marie BERZEN00:48:4514 to 306Female7
2474Alia GOEDVOLK00:48:5414 to 307Female8
25133Jade PENNING00:50:0214 to 308Female9
2630Jodie BERRY00:50:0314 to 309Female10
27112Marjolein MANSVELDER00:50:0414 to 3010Female11
28195Chris STAPLEY00:50:1041 to 504Male17
2977Francois GROBLER00:50:1241 to 505Male18
30117Ryan MIDGLEY00:50:2014 to 3012Male19
312Pieter BOTHA00:50:2741 to 506Male20
32140Courtney PRETORIUS00:50:3014 to 3011Female12
3371Mauritz FULLARD00:50:4614 to 3013Male21
34141Johann PRETORIUS00:50:5551 to 602Male22
3579Sheryl-Anne GROBLER00:51:0914 to 3012Female13
36160Kobus STEENEKAMP00:51:1541 to 507Male23
37187Nicola WESSELS00:51:2031 to 401Female14
38150Courtney SANDILANDS00:51:2114 to 3013Female15
3991Lyle JACOBS00:51:2231 to 401Male24
4096Tasneem KHARVA00:51:2614 to 3014Female16
41142Kayla PRETORIUS00:51:4613 & Under1Female17
42137Mya PHILLIPS00:52:0714 to 3015Female18
4378Lianka GROBLER00:52:1313 & Under2Female19
4476Leone GOUWS00:52:2414 to 3016Female20
45173Deon VAN DRUTEN00:52:2751 to 603Male25
46216Tom COLLINS00:52:3341 to 508Male26
47213Van Rooyen CHANE00:52:3514 to 3017Female21
489Wynand NORTJE00:52:4414 to 3014Male27
49204Cherne MIDGLEY00:53:0114 to 3018Female22
5080Ingrid GROENEWALD00:53:0214 to 3019Female23
Page 1 of 4 (169 items)

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